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  • Fill out the Application for International Admissions
    • You will also need to supply a completed affidavit of support, notarized, with a copy of the most recent bank statement (translated into English and American Dollars)
    • You will also need to supply an evaluation of your foreign transcripts
    • Turn in all paperwork to Department of International Studies to be processed
  • Receive your I-20 form from University of the Potomac along with a letter stating your provisionary acceptance
  • Go to your nearest U.S. consulate to apply for an F-1 visa
  • Once you are issued your F-1 visa, report to University of the Potomac to fill out proper paperwork, register for classes and pay your tuition, University of the Potomac retains a copy of your F-1 visa.
  • Attend your first class and stay in weekly contact with the Director of International Studies

International Student Checklist for submission of Application

  • International Student Application filled out in its entirety and signed under Applicant`s Certification page and on the International Student Contract page (You also need the signature of the Director of International Studies, as well as your admissions representative on the application in order for it to be complete)
  • $150 Application fee (if outside the US, Credit Card or Wire Transfer)
  • Official copy of secondary school transcripts and college or university transcript (if applicable) accompanied by a literal English translation by an official evaluation service. Also, a copy of any other certificates you may hold (i.e. GCE, CXC, SAT, other diplomas, standardized tests etc.)
  • A copy of the photo page of your passport and (if in the USA) current visa and most recent I-94 card, front and back (Note: If you have spouse and/or dependants, you need to supply the same documentation for them as well)
  • Completed Certificate of Financial Sources, notarized, with a copy of the most recent bank statement (translated into English and American Dollars and dated within the past 6 months)
  • Official score reports on one of the following language proficiency exams. Please note that University of the Potomac requires a TOEFL score of 500 on the paper based exams or 61 on the internet based exam, a score of 5 on IELTS Academic Training Exam, proof of passing at level 109 at an ELS Language Center (or other proof of English language proficiency approved by the Dean)
  • For transfer students: Copy of current F-1 visa, copy of previous EAD cards (if any, front and back), Transfer-In Form completed by previous institution attended, copy of travel itinerary if returning home before beginning program.
  • Pay tuition and fees for the first full semester.

Keep in mind that documents you supply to the College as proof of financing support will also be required when applying at the consulate for your F-1 visa. Therefore, you will need two copies of your financial documents. University of the Potomac suggests you make multiple copies of all important documents for your records.


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