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Welcome International Students

We believe ambition doesn’t speak just one language. It comes from no one culture or individual nation. Ambition is universal. And at Potomac College, we nurture that ambition from wherever it may come.

A number of extraordinary programs are available for international students – all of which we’ve made as simple and easy to apply to and afford as possible. We’ve even designed a new Swiss-American International MBA FastTrak Program so students can enrich their global education experience. But whatever degree or program you choose at Potomac College, we’ll help you all along the way, from showing you what forms you need (and don’t) to showing you what benefits your new degree can bring you.

The benefits from one of our degrees are endless, no matter where you end up using them. Take a moment to read through the following pages and discover how easy it is to broaden your education and your opportunities. Traveling to another country can be daunting for some. We work hard to ensure that no one feels that way applying to be a student at Potomac College.

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