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Associate’s Degree Programs

University of the Potomac is an accredited college offering extensive adult learning degree programs in a career-oriented educational format. We give you the flexibility to earn your associate degree online or through our Washington DC or Virginia college campuses.  Our associate’s degree faculty are very knowledgeable professionals with real world experience.

We offer the following Associate’s degree programs:

Associate’s Degree Overview

Each Associate degree program consists of common core courses providing a solid technical foundation for later work in the related field. This core associates program is complemented by a series of specialized courses, which enables each student to pursue a program that will enhance his or her professional and personal growth.

With an Associates degree from University of the Potomac, you will be laying a foundation at school for your future career. Your courses will broaden your knowledge of industry-related language and common office procedures. With a degree in accounting, you will be able to work in a firm’s tax or audit sectors. With a Management or Information Systems degree, you will work in your area of interest and with people who are interested in the same field as well. If you prefer an International Business degree, you can travel across the world after you complete your classes. Your time at University of the Potomac will help prepare you for the job you want to have in Washington DC, Virginia, or anywhere in the world.


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