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Often, returning students seeking continuing education find themselves having to choose between their career and their degree. Other times it’s family time and free time that take a back seat to getting a degree. At University of the Potomac, we understand you shouldn’t have to sacrifice these things in order to earn your degree.

Online Classes
Along with our convenient night classes, University of the Potomac also offers the ease of online classes to its students. Some students pursue their degree at one of our residential campuses while others pursue their degree online. Some students choose a combination of both (online and at the campus). Online courses are taught by professors that meet the same credentialing and qualifications as required for traditional courses. Online students regularly interact with their instructor and classmates in an online system that is intuitive to use. We have designed our online courses with the same learning objectives you find in our traditional classroom-based courses. The only difference is that by taking an online course, you get to choose when to come in, when to leave, and at what pace you learn.

Flexible Scheduling with Face-to-Face Classes
University of the Potomac is proud to offer returning students the flexible scheduling that allows them to pursue both their career and their degree. Our weekday classes start at 6:00 PM in order to give students time to commute from their jobs to one of University of the Potomac conveniently located campuses in Washington, D.C. and Vienna, Virginia. Both campuses offer our Saturday classes that start at 9:00 AM. Evening classes a few days a week and Saturday classes let students continue their education without detriment to their jobs.

Hear from a University of the Potomac Graduate
Balancing a family, a job, and school is never easy, but Heather Coopland found that at University of the Potomac, it was possible. She completed her degree in just 18 months and began the career that she had always dreamed of having.

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You Can Do It All
Taking the next step toward getting your degree should not be hampered by deciding among important things in your life. There’s no reason to have to choose between your career and continuing your education. You can do it all at once, thanks to innovative improvements in our education process. Contact us now in order to find out more about this exceptional chance to enhance your life through continuing education.

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