resume writing tips university of the potomac

Resume Writing Tips

resume writing tips university of the potomacTypes of Resumes

There are basically two types of resumes: a chronological resume, and a functional resume.  A chronological resumefocuses on your work history, which is presented in reverse chronological order; this type of resume is geared toward people with a solid work history.  On the other hand, a functional resume focuses on your skills and experience rather than your work history; it is geared toward people who are changing careers or have breaks in their employment.

A resume can incorporate both chronological and functional elements resulting in a combination resume; the combinationresume is useful where you want to emphasize both skills and work history according to your preferences and information being sought in a job application.

Other Resume Writing Tips

An objective section is becoming less common on resumes nowadays, as it can be addressed in a cover letter.  When highlighting your work history on your resume, it is best to express it in terms of your accomplishments, rather than a description of your roles or duties.  For instance, instead of indicating something like “Job roles: project manager, initial point of contact with clients…” express this instead as “I successfully managed a project resulting in a 30 percent increase in product revenues.”  And it is not necessary to include the statement “References available upon request” on yourresume, as it is normally expected that a prospective employer will request references at some point.  Last but not least: Have someone else critique your resume before submitting it to prospective employers; this person can view it from a different angle that you may not be aware of, and can make helpful suggestions.