Student Achievement

Honors, Dean’s, and President’s Lists

These lists are computed twice yearly, in the spring at the end of the third session, and in the fall, at the end of the sixth session. Students must have completed at least 18 credits during the previous three sessions. Students who have incomplete grades are not eligible for these honors.

  • Students with grade point averages of 3.5 to 3.74 are placed on the Honors List.
  • Students with grade point average of 3.75 to 3.99 are placed on the Dean’s List.
  • Students with grade point averages of 4.00 are placed on the President’s List.

GPAs are calculated for the courses taken during the previous three sessions. They are not cumulative grade averages. A new group of honors students is determined at the end of each six-month period.

We are proud of our President’s, Dean’s, and Honors List students for the 2023 academic year:

Bachelor’s Programs
Amarbold Altankhuyag Victory Chidaalu Nonye Afoekelu Sujan Adhikari
Kabita Bhandari Favour Afoekelu Syed Ahmed
Anita Bisunke Emujin Ariunbileg Ken Davis
Odmaa Enkhtuya Cassidy Ballard Erin Edwards
Brian Myers David Belton Saurav Gadal
Asmita Neupane Riddhi Bhanubhai Chavda Piyush Gupta
Thalita Santana Bablu Chaudhary Abena Kankam
Jaskaran Singh Alberto Corchado Keshawn Mapp
Manami Soga Jay Darji Krishma Maharjan
Gulam Syed Danilo Deiana Mohammed Bilal Hussain
Nam Tran Connor Duggan Acacio Mbogo Nchama
Yojana Neupane Jovelyn Fox Riken Patel
Khulan Ganbold Nakeisha Price
Ava-Dawn Goldson Jeremy Rinker
Michael Graham Umit Can Yuksel
Maunata Gurung Syeda Zaidi
Lina Hassouni
Ann Herring
Chinyere Iremson
Zubaed Islam
Humna Khowaja Tharani
Rashmi Khadka
Wesley Klaassen
Chitra Madhu
Tapinder Mangat
Amber Harrison
Tanya Nittolo
Delysia Njuneh
Md Mehadi Hasan Ome
Mohil Patel
Kaustubh Patil
Het Patwa
Jitendrakumar Patel
Dhurba Pokhrel
Victorana Ramsay-Bailey
Martin Sackey
Firdavs Sadikovn
Arjun Singh
Amandeep Singh
Luis Suarez
Erdenezaya Tulga
Katharine Whitlock
Syed Zaidi
Chowdhury Iyman Uz Zaman

Joshua Davies

Joshua is a multi-faceted person, with a craving for knowledge and experience. After having served eight admirable years in the navy, he is currently preparing for his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialization in information management. His interests include fitness, videography, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. His new small business is Jaydee Productions which features games on Twitch and car videos on YouTube and Instagram. He grew up in Maryland and has been there his whole life. He traveled throughout Europe and wants to explore Asia next as he hasn’t been there before. One thing that he works for with a long-term goal is to provide business training in Sierra Leone, where his mother is from. He hopes to one day own a business that will provide jobs to people who need them. He wants to be able to do something that can help others in the world and he knows that owning his own business is the best way to do that.

Alishba Waseem

Alishba Waseem is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Public Policy from the University of the Potomac. She is a highly motivated individual passionate about making a positive impact in the global community. Over the course of her studies at University of the Potomac, Alishba gained valuable skills that allowed her to integrate her academic learning into her job responsibilities. She gained work experience through various internships in the United States, where she used education to inform decision-making and problem-solving in her work. She worked as a Projects and Proposals Intern with the International Development Group (IDG) in Virginia, USA, where she provided support for international development projects by USAID in different regions around the world. Alishba also worked as a State Advocacy Intern with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) in Washington, D.C, where she supported legislative advocacy efforts. Alishba believes in the value of education and using knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities to contribute to our communities in meaningful ways.

Giulia Greig MBA-ITM

Giulia Geas Greig is a French citizen born and raised in the United Kingdom. At the age of 18, she moved to Washington, DC where she received her undergraduate degree and later her graduate degree from University of the Potomac where she studied Business Administration in Information Technology. Over the course of her studies, Giulia developed a few tools to achieve good grades as well as maintain a busy schedule, she states that prioritizing her work load through the use of organizational structures was a huge key to her success. She made sure to annotate her personal schedule with all requirements, projects, and assignments expected of her to avoid forgetting or overlooking any of them. Additionally, Giulia encourages students to utilize University of the Potomac’s staff and professors as a support system. She recommends the following “don’t be afraid to email them with any questions, support, help you might need guidance on”. Ultimately, a good communication with anyone from the academics department can make a world of a difference as they are here for you and willing to provide you with the best learning experience they are able to.

Kelly Halferty - MBA Geospatial Intelligence

Kelly Halferty serves as a Special Assistant in the Office of the Chairman at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  He manages a myriad of programs that supports the daily operations of the Chairman, the Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, Managing Executive, and other staff members.  Mr. Halferty joined the SEC in 2013, previously serving as a Program Support Specialist in the Division of Corporation Finance and Office of Human Resources. Prior to joining the SEC, Mr. Halferty served 22 years in the United States Air Force, retiring in 2012.

Geospatial information and intelligence are essential in today’s business sector.  When properly utilized, business owners realize increased market share and competitive advantages over their rivals. Additionally, GIS is also heavily used for many government applications. At the SEC, I utilized GIS to research the effects of the accredited investor rule on the population of the United States. I found that less than 1 percent of American citizens meet the criteria outlined in Rule 506(b) of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 to be considered an Accredited Investor.

Kelly Halferty


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